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To generate an estimate that has clarity and reflects simply good business sense was the objective in the design of the GT Enterprise estimating module, which:

  • has depth with many options
  • is easy to use and has a great deal of intelligence built-in to take care of the obvious
  • allows the user to estimate multiple parts (kit) to a job and multiple quantities in a simple, straight forward, structure
  • lists all extra and/or additional charges in a clear, concise manner along with the relationship they have on cost, price and profit
  • allows you to estimate hundreds of images individually, linked to pages, linked to signatures
  • allows you to estimate multiple versions of a product, as is frequently required in flexo or folding carton packaging
  • draws from an unlimited database of Templates, Processes and Product Items to generate the most complex estimate in seconds
  • allows you to create multiple quotation formats to meet the needs of the customers, or for a specific type of work
  • allows you to pull in commonly used (standard) paragraphs to written quotations
  • displays all prices in the domestic and foreign currency for foreign customers

See also Creating an Estimate

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