order entry 
job tracking 
shop floor 
prod. analysis 
web access 
  • At order entry, the system automatically generates material requisitions
  • Material on-hand is automatically allocated to the job
  • A purchase order is created directly from the requisition(s)
  • Material "date required" based on schedule for ‘just-in-time’ inventory
  • Material cost look-up for all potential vendors, with price table and lead time
  • One PO can handle several line items
  • Each line item can be for one or more jobs
  • At Receiving, an easy-to-use search list lets you see all open purchase orders
  • Track each skid or roll by serial number and weight
  • Quantity received is Auto-Allocated to each job or floor stock
  • Automatic debit of inventory account and credit to inventory accrual account
purchasing screenshot
purchasing screen shot 2

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