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The efficient management of raw material and finished goods has substantial financial benefits to any company. Let us quote the MIS manager of one of our customers: "When we started with Globe-Tek we did about $35 million in sales and we had an average of about $2.5 million in paper stock on hand. Today we do over $125 million in sales and we have an average of $1.5 million in paper stock on hand. We could have never achieved this efficiency without GT Enterprise." The just-in-time inventory philosophy is very much part of the GT Enterprise system.

  • Globe-Tek maintains a perpetual inventory control system with on-line information.
  • Each transaction is recorded, including Requisitions, Purchases, Receipts, Usage and Returns.
  • Tracks raw materials, customer supplied stock, finished goods, supplies and spare parts.
  • Stock can be tracked by lot number, roll number, carton or skid.
  • Tracks stock in user-defined warehouses and bins.
  • Items marked "Backflush" are auto-charged to job, based on estimated value.
  • Track F/G in customer-assigned warehouses.
  • User-definable Units Of Measure allow you to track all stock in imperial or metric measurements.
  • Convert from one UOM to any other UOM – lbs – msf – kg – lf – sqin – ton – sheet – etc.
  • Material codes can be linked to a G/L account for analysis.
  • Generate bar code labels for all receipts, skids, rolls, plates and customer stock.
  • Know what you have on hand, on order and what you need, minimizing floor stock.

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