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During Book-In of an order, GT Enterprise automatically loads the job routing in all the required Cost Centers, based on the priority assigned to the job. The status of the job is dynamically updated from shopfloor data collection and the user can see at a glance if material is on hand.

  • Jobs are automatically loaded into schedule during order entry.
  • Scheduler can move a job up or down the queue.
  • Scheduler can split-run the job, part now part later, or in parallel on presses.
  • Entire shop production schedule is maintained on-line and updated real-time with RDC.
  • Schedules job forward based on available time and backward to meet the delivery.
  • Features "what-if" scenarios to assist in decisions.
  • Color-coded screens draw your attention to jobs late, waiting for material or proofs.
  • Schedules proofs or multiple proofs and shipments.
  • Schedules around available capacity and holidays.
  • Indicates how much and when overtime is required.
  • Produces graphs showing workload, capacity and overloads.
  • Schedule can be created or viewed for any time period.
  • Freeze, save and recall old schedules.
  • Schedule can be viewed from any screen.
  • From the Job Details screen, all aspects of a job can be examined.

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