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The integration of all GT Enterprise modules delivers to the user up-to-date financial information at a bare minimum of human resource time. Many of the traditional functions are performed by the application very efficiently in the background. Time required to process customer and supplier invoice is a fraction of what more traditional software applications require. The financial officer of a customer had this to say:"When we started with Globe-Tek we did about $35 million in sales and had four employees in our accounting department. Today we do over $125 million and we still have only four employees in accounting. We could never have achieved this kind of efficiency without GT Enterprise." This is testimony to the quality of integration and automation inherent in GT Enterprise.

  • Fully integrated with order entry, production, & shipping.
  • Automatically notifies accounting of jobs ready to invoice.
  • Creates invoices from order and shipping modules.
  • Can be configured to Auto-Invoice upon shipment of goods.
  • Auto-Invoice all Extra Charges on first invoice.
  • User definable Invoice and Customer Statement format.
  • Instant on-line inquiry of all customer account information.
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  • Powerful report writing feature allows you to custom design reports.
  • Customer credit limits integrate with order entry and production.
  • Collections are enhanced with notes and electronic reminders linked to customers

See also Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Fixed Assets

  • On-screen up-to-date management reports.
  • Jobs Booked Value by date range.
  • Total Sales invoiced by date range.
  • Work In Progress.
  • Raw Materials On Hand (Aged).
  • Finished Goods Value On Hand (Aged).
  • Credit Notes Issued By Reason.
  • Daily Sales and Bookings.
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable (Aged Balances).
  • Open and Failed Quotes (total and by salesperson).

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