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GT Enterprise Overview

Versatile solution


A powerful ERP solution designed to permit each company to structure the parameters that will address its unique requirements: Operations, terminology and units of measure (UOM) are totally user definable. Where appropriate, all material/FG are displayed in two UOM. Any number of UOM can be linked to a material type, which allows the user to convert from one UOM to another. All the qualities required by a truly Enterprise management solution.

Integrated ERP Software

A complete business solution as information is shared among all modules, thereby guaranteeing the quality and integrity of the information. That provides efficient, accurate data and work flows, and dramatically reduces human resource time by eliminating duplicate data entry and providing data consistency. This helps ensure the ROI on the ERP investment that the printing and packaging industry demands.Learn more...

Easy to learn and use (Intuitive)

All functions and procedures required to operate GT Enterprise are consistent throughout. You shouldn't accept anything less from you business management tools. When a user learns the functions of one module, they can apply the same procedures and knowledge to the complete system. This minimizes education and accelerates your system startup.

  • Intuitive menus and sub-menus guide you through the system from one function to the next.
  • "Point and Click" interface allows quick and simple access to procedures with a mouse.
  • Windows allow simultaneous access to multiple sessions.
  • Forms are easy to create using the document layout editor and the Job Ticket Editor.
  • Color is intelligently used on screens to capture the user's attention to critical information. Red for example identifies cost overruns, work behind schedule, or late jobs.
  • Context Sensitive Help provides on-line help on your current topic.
  • Powerful SEARCH capabilities help you find just the information you want.
  • Look-up Tables help you find the information on customers, vendors or products.
  • Advanced ZOOM windowing feature allows you to drill down on invoices, production activities, purchase orders and other information.
  • GT Enterprise lets you maintain free text NOTES throughout.
  • All modules can be accessed from the floating taskbar:
gt taskbar

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