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GT Enterprise is the efficient, silent auditor that any company knows how to value. Whether you need to track hundreds of images and a multitude of changes to each, or you need to track some minor changes to a job, GT Enterprise can accommodate you. All instructions from the customer are linked to the job part to which the changes apply, along with the CSR name, date, time and the Extra Charge. When multiple Extra Charges need to be tracked, the summary amount is printed on the first invoice, with a detailed back-up report, listing each change/image and the type of change requested, by whom, and the applicable charge.

job tracking screen shot 3
  • Changes can be made while the job is in production.
  • All Change Orders can immediately be viewed in production
  • Change orders are identified throughout the system
  • The added or reduced time dynamically updates schedule.
  • Automatically identifies when the Change Order was entered and by whom.
  • Any extra charge is auto-billed on the first invoice; nothing falls through the cracks.
job tracking screen shot 4

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