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(September 10, 2003): Globe-Tek Corporation is proud to announce that we have joined other print industry leaders as a partner in Networked Graphic Production™. Globe-Tek Corporation and the Networked Graphic Production partners are committed to working with JDF and other open file standards to deliver fully integrated ‘cross-vendor’ solutions that help printers cut costs, increase revenues, decrease cycle times, and reach more customers. This strategic initiative is helping the print industry create more efficient businesses—from idea to delivery.

Since 1987, Globe-Tek Corporation has led the way in providing an intelligent, advanced design and fully integrated business system solution for the graphic arts and printing industry. Globe-Tek uses innovative design and development techniques that specifically target the many complexities of this diverse industry in a cost-effective manner. Features include:
  • Seamless interfaces and direct links to other applications
  • Intuitive toolbars, mini-servers and wizards that are functionally integrated
  • Report layout editor
  • Unlimited functional links to stored documents and graphic images
  • Report dispatcher functionality to fit JDF requirements
  • Customer Service functionality
  • Combo job functionality
  • Work-in-process inventory tracking and third-party tracking
  • Proof or digital file shipping and controls
  • Web ordering and shipping requirements/instructions from customers
  • NGP and JDF workflow and documentation standards that are continuously enhanced
As a member of the CIP4 and NGP associations, Globe-Tek is committed to offering open workflow standardization and data links with the vision of providing a “back-bone ERP” in a “Computer Integrated Manufacturing System” design.

Globe-Tek Corporation continues to re-enforce our commitment to JDF, open workflow standardization and Computer Integrated Manufacturing concepts, as proposed and supported by NGP and JDF developments. Globe-Tek Corporation’s present and future customers will benefit from the implementation of enhanced features that improve business processes and workflows.

The Networked Graphic Production partnership will enable Globe-Tek Corporation to deliver a wider range of JDF-based integrated solutions to customers around the world. The NGP Partners are working closely with the CIP4 standards committee and are dedicated to using JDF to achieve interoperability between different applications and solutions.

Networked Graphic Production is now an industry-wide affiliation of printing and graphic arts equipment and software providers. The goal of this initiative is to work together to develop plug-and-play solutions that streamline and automate every step in the print production process, and to create a collaborative environment for printers, converters, print buyers and creative professionals. Through this end-to-end integration, Globe-Tek Corporation and our Networked Graphic Production Partners are committed to bringing tangible value to printers and our customers.
About Networked Graphic Production Partners
Originally launched by Creo, Networked Graphic Production is now an equal partnership of industry-leading vendors committed to working together. By using JDF and other open standards, the NGP partners will deliver seamlessly integrated solutions that help printers cut costs, increase revenues, decrease cycle times, reach more customers, and realize a more efficient business—from idea to delivery. More than 15 Networked Graphic Production Partners are committed to this initiative. For a complete list of partners, visit

About Globe-Tek Corporation
Globe-Tek Corporation has developed, marketed and supported advanced, high quality Enterprise applications for the Printing and Graphic Arts Industry since 1987. GT Enterprise applications incorporate practical business concepts that will streamline operational practices to the benefit of the users and their customers. GT Enterprise is a very flexible and cost effective system. The application is developed in C++, ands runs on Oracle 9i. Combined with Win32 speed and versatility, the features of GT Enterprise set the trend for the future.
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